CTC Appointments Andre Boutros as Executive Director

Sacramento, CA…The California Transportation Commission unanimously approved the appointment of Andre Boutros as Executive Director at its March 2013 meeting. Mr. Boutros comes to the position of Executive Director with more than 28 years of direct involvement in the development and preservation of California’s transportation infrastructure. Prior to joining the Commission, Andre held numerous technical, management and leadership positions with the California Department of Transportation. Andre has been a staff member to the Commission since 2007, and has served as the Chief Deputy Director since 2008, where he was responsible for the day to day operations of the Commission, acting as the chief of staff and the primary policy advisor to the Executive Director and the Commission. Andre has also served
as the Acting Executive Director on a couple of occasions since 2008.

The Executive Director of the California Transportation Commission reports to the eleven- member Commission, and is responsible for administering the affairs of the Commission and overseeing the staff in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the Commission. The Commission is responsible for programming and funding several billion dollars annually for transportation projects throughout California in partnership with regional transportation agencies and the California Department of Transportation. The Commission is also responsible for advising the California Transportation Agency and the California Legislature on key transportation policy matters.