As We Hit Opening Day, Provides You With A Few Stadium Conduct Tips

Baseball Fields, USA…With baseball season swinging into action, thousands of fans will be filling stadiums across the country to enjoy America’s favorite pastime. But before you head out to the ballpark what should you know about your legal rights as a fan?, the largest legal website for consumers, has some important tips for you before hitting the ballpark this season!


  • Verbal Altercations: A yelling match on a public street will not get you arrested, but a stadium owner is required to make the stadium safe for attendees. This includes preventing injuries from horseplay or thrown objects, pushing, and crowing. If security thinks you are doing something that will lead to violence, they have the right to eject you, so avoid getting into any verbal arguments if you want to make it past the 7th inning stretch.


  • Getting Physical: If you find yourself involved in a physical fight, the first step is to find a security guard and have the other person ejected. If you are injured, get the names of witnesses and take pictures of the scene. If you are attacked you can press criminal charges against the attacker, or even sue the stadium owner and security company.


  • You Booze, You Lose: Alcohol impairs your judgment and makes bad situations worse – it is often a factor in stadium fights. As a result, many stadiums have taken steps to curb consumption. In addition to limiting the amount of beer you can purchase, some stadiums even restrict your time in the parking lot before the game to avoid tailgating. Make sure you know the policy of the stadium you’re headed to so that the rules don’t impact your day.


  • Foul Play: By entering the stadium, you’re assuming risk of getting hit by a wayward ball or bat. If you are injured, don’t assume you can sue the stadium or the team.