Welcome to the Elémentaire TV show! Episode One! Season One! Orange and Vanilla scented French Toast, and Orange Compound Butter

Elémentaire is the creation of two professional cooks dedicated to helping take the mystery out of making delicious meals from scratch. Our goal is to educate through the use of culinary terms and techniques and also inspire, through the use of the freshest seasonal ingredients, all who watch to make their own meals to enjoy at home. In our first episode, Dave and Jenny show how to make Orange and Vanilla scented French Toast, an Orange Compound Butter and define the term Al-Dente. Every Sunday Night at 8pm we will premier another, great, new episode of Elementaire with Jenny & Dave.

A – Al Dente

definition – cooked so as to be still firm when bitten

Orange and Vanilla Scented French Toast

A deliciously different take on the classic.

6 slices good quality bread
3 eggs whisked till smooth
½ up cream, milk or half and half
Zest from an medium orange minced
Juice from the orange that was zested
1 tsp vanilla
Pinch of nutmeg
Confectioners’ sugar


Combine the eggs, cream, zest, half the juice, vanilla, nutmeg. Grease a pan with butter and heat to medium. With tongs, dip bread into egg mixture on both sides. Allow the bread to be submerged in the mixture within 30-60 seconds. Fry the bread on both sides till lightly golden. Butter and dust with confectioners’ sugar and cinnamon and a drizzle of the remaining orange juice.

Orange Butter
This compound butter goes great on many types of foods.

1 cube of good quality butter

1 teaspoon of fresh-squeezed orange juice

Zest of one orange

Two grates of nutmeg or cardamom


Combine the above ingredients in a bowl using the tines of a fork. Place by spoonfuls on top of French toast.

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About the Creators

Jenny Baxter – Chef and Owner

Jenny Baxter has had a colorful career with decades of education experience working as a teacher as well as over 26 years of catering experience with her company Jenny’s Kitchen. As star of the TV show of the same name, her accomplishments are as varied as they are rich. She has been featured in Sunset magazine, Calaveras Enterprise, The Stockton Record, The Modesto Bee as well as being the editor of many local periodicals. She is the author of the book “Jenny Loves Olive Oil” and soon to be published “A Food Affair.” In addition to all of the above, you will often find her delicious food complementing a variety of area events, her line of spice rubs in your local grocery store and winery.

Dave McElhinnie – Chef and Owner

Dave McElhinnie is currently owner and CEO of BeClean! Inc. “A professional cleaning company.” He studied Culinary Arts in the early nineties and worked at a variety of regional restaurants in the central valley and can still be found most Friday nights cooking at The Wine Wizard, a wine shop/European bistro in Stockton, CA. He has operated The Art of Entertaining, a catering/consulting company since 1994 and has catered many unique events including private, multi-course dinner parties from Incline Village to Pebble Beach and many places in between. He has taught cooking classes, been featured on a number of television cooking shows, and is currently writing a cookbook entitled: “Friday Nights at the Wiz…” His cooking philosophy is use the freshest local, ingredients at the peak of their flavor and let that dictate the dish. When not at his home in Copperopolis, he can be found exploring the foothills and the coast, looking for interesting new places, good food and great wine, with his 2 sons, who teach him, daily about the important things in life.

Spencer Zerzee – Manager and Producer

Spencer Zerzee is currently owner and CEO of Beast Logos Inc. “Professional graphics designing.”

He has spent many years of his life messing around with computers and is now an expert graphics designer and computer technician. He has been graphics designing for over four years and has improved a lot since his first days. Spencer has also been messing with computers since the age of three. He quickly learned and grasped the idea of technology and how it works, and he currently helps many people solve computer-related problems whilst sharing his knowledge with others. Spencer is also highly educated in school while taking algebra classes two years early and highly fluent in the English language. He has received straight A’s every single semester of his schooling and will continue to do so. Spencer enjoys other activities outside of his education and computing such as biking, exploring, and eating. He manages the website and social pages of Elémentaire TV and produces the episodes.