State Senate Releases “Blueprint for a Fire Safe California”

Sacramento, CA…On Thursday, the California State Senate’s Wildfire Working Group announced the launch of its “Blueprint for a Fire Safe California,” an outline and accompanying budget framework to address the state’s wildfire response needs. The Blueprint consists of a four-pronged approach to wildfire mitigation and wildland resiliency across California.

The product of two years of work by the Wildfire Working Group, the Blueprint includes proposed strategies for developing the state’s fire resiliency workforce, implementation of vegetation management and community hardening plans, expanding consumer access to the homeowners insurance market, and allocating both short and long-term funding to implementing the overall strategy. An integral part of the Blueprint includes moving a wildfire prevention and response budget bill well before the June 2021 State Budget deadline.

More details on the release of the Blueprint can be found on the California State Senate website here. RCRC remains focused on addressing systemic aspects of the wildfire issue in California and is supporting/sponsoring several legislative efforts to reduce fire risk, prepare for wildfire events and work to reduce the cost of homeowner’s insurance.  For further information, please contact Staci Heaton by email or call 916-446-4807.