Speaker Pelosi’s Message to Colleagues on Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework and Build Back Better Act

Washington, DC…We were honored by the visit from President Joe Biden, who inspired us with his vision and dazzled us with his thorough knowledge of the specifics of the Build Back Better Framework.  He also emphasized his support for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework.

As you know by now, the House will postpone the vote on the BIF.  The good news is that most Members who were not prepared for a yes vote today have expressed their commitment to support the BIF.  I thank the overwhelming number of House Democrats who support both the BIF and the Build Back Better Act.  It is both heartening and impressive to observe the strength of Members’ engagement in the discussion.

Many thanks to Chairman Jim McGovern and the Members of the Rules Committee for the marathon hearing on the Build Back Better Act today.  The text of the legislation is online for your review.  The Budget Committee, under the leadership of Chairman John Yarmuth, has released a section-by-section analysis of the legislation.

Your feedback is welcome and necessary, soon, to assist the Rules Committee as it prepares the BBB legislation for Floor action.  As you may recall, we are ready for the Floor vote on the BIF, because the debate on the rule and the bill have already occurred.

Thank you for your leadership For The People.