Speaker Pelosi on World Refugee Day

Washington, DC…Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement in recognition of United Nations’ World Refugee Day: “On World Refugee Day, Americans join the world in reflecting on the struggles and suffering of the more than 82 million people forced to flee their homes. Nearly half of those escaping war, persecution, human rights violations and natural disasters are innocent children, a heartbreaking reality that challenges the conscience and demands attention.

“Every precious life torn apart by violence and catastrophe is a tragedy, and as a nation of immigrants, America has a sacred duty to continue to extend a hand to the world’s most vulnerable. That is why Democrats in Congress are working with the Biden-Harris Administration, NGOs, international relief organizations and regional partners to improve in-country and regional processing of asylum seekers from the Northern Triangle. We also applaud President Biden for raising the cap on refugees and for committing to an historic donation of life-saving COVID-19 vaccines for countries most in need, as we cannot be safe from the virus anywhere until we defeat it everywhere.

“The National Association of Evangelicals has said that ‘The U.S. refugee resettlement program is the crown jewel of American humanitarianism,’ and it honors a fundamental truth: immigrants make America more American. Today, and every day, let us pledge to live up to our founding promise as a beacon of hope and opportunity around the world for all those yearning to breathe free.”