Reporter Alison Parker & Cameraman Adam Ward Killed During Live TV Interview

Franklin County, VA…Reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward were shot and killed during a live broadcast early this morning. The shooter Vester Lee Flanagan II, aka Bryce Williams was a disgruntled ex employee of TV Station WDBJ in Roanoak Virginia. Also shot was a local Chamber of Commerce member who is expected to recover after being shot in the back.

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Vester Lee Flanagan II had lived and worked in several states and at several different media outlets. He was a disturbed man who faxed a 23 page manifesto to ABC news after the shootings. He also recorded the shootings with a camera mounted on his person. From a screen grab of the video captured by Adam Ward’s camera it appears his cell phone may have been attached to his chest.

He mentioned in his “manifesto” that he felt oppressed as a “Gay, Black Man”. He had sued at least two former employers over perceived slights. The WDBJ station manager said Vester was a very unhappy man and was difficult to work with. When he was fired from the station the police had to be called to escort him from the premises.

He wanted his deeds to get as wide of exposure as possible. He posted the shooting video and tweeted after the shootings. He also seem to have an appreciation of the other mass shooting perpitrators.

He has passed away from a self-inflected gunshot wound at the hospital after a short chase from Virginia State Police. The vehicle he was driving was first identified with and license plate reader.