Public Service Announcement – SCARE Says Don’t be a Victim of Vehicle Theft

Santa Cruz, Ca – The County of Santa Cruz has recently been the target of increased vehicle theft. Some of the vehicles are being recovered by law enforcement within a few days or even hours of the theft. Usually only small items are missing from the vehicles such as cellphones, radios, and laptops. The Santa Cruz Auto Theft Reduction and Enforcement (SCARE) team believe a majority of these thefts are being perpetrated by drug addicts looking for items of value to support their habit. The public can take steps to reduce the chance of being a victim. Lock your vehicle and do not leave spare keys inside the vehicle. Remove items of value or papers having personal information which could be used for identity theft. Late model 1990 through 2000 Honda Accords and Civics are the most commonly stolen. If you own one of these cars, help protect your vehicle by using an anti-theft device. If you see someone suspiciously walking through parking lots and looking into cars please contact law enforcement. Remember your safety is more important than a car. Do not attempt to contact suspected car thieves; call the police.

If you have information regarding vehicle theft please contact the SCARE tip line at (831) 465-7433.