Pelosi Statement on Senate Republicans’ Vote Against The For The People Act

Washington, DC…Speaker Pelosi issued this statement after every Senate Republican voted against advancing debate on the For The People Act: “The For The People Act is the remedy to the anti-democratic tide that is sweeping our nation. It will restore a government of, by and for the people: combating the hundreds upon hundreds of state-wide voter suppression bills already introduced, the vicious gerrymandering plotted by partisan lawmakers and the torrent of big dark special interest money suffocating the airwaves.

“Yet, all Senate Republicans voted against even proceeding to debate on democracy reform – because they know that the only way for them to win elections is to suppress the vote. Their cowardly refusal to protect our democracy silences the voices of voters and prevents the passage of popular, bipartisan legislation, from commonsense gun violence prevention to climate action to LGBTQ equality.

“Our American Democracy is in peril, and today, every single Senate Republican voted against saving it. Democrats will not be deterred in our fight for the For The People Act. Our Republic is at a crossroads, and it is up to us to save it.”