North Coast Water Board Sets Series Of Meetings On Cannabis Program

Sacramento, CA…The North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (Board) has announced a series of informational meetings for cannabis cultivators who fall under the Board’s Cannabis Cultivation Waste Discharge Regulatory Program, which was first implemented last year. The meetings are designed to answer questions from cultivators on the program and its enrollment directive letters, and will include both staff presentations and group Q&A sessions to help growers covered under the program understand the requirements.

The Board developed the program to monitor and mitigate discharges of pesticides or other harmful pollutants into headwaters and river systems. RCRC supported the program when it was developed in 2015 due to the potential adverse impacts cannabis cultivation could pose to water quality and wildlife habitat in RCRC member counties. Cultivators with grows of 2000 square feet or more were required to enroll in the program as of February 15, 2016.