New “Clean Cab” Fire Engines

Monterey, CA…Cypress Fire Protection District/CAL FIRE and Carmel Highlands Fire Protection District/CAL FIRE are pleased to announce the delivery of two new Type 1 “Clean Cab” fire engines. The new engines provide updated technology and improved safety systems, enabling us to provide a higher level of service to residents and visitors of Cypress Fire Protection District (FPD) and Carmel Highlands Fire Protection District (FPD). The new Pierce fire engines were tailored to meet the specific needs of Cypress and Carmel Highlands FPDs, including many added safety features designed to reduce firefighter exposure to potential carcinogens. The Pierce fire engines were purchased to meet “Clean Cab” requirements – all equipment (SCBA’s, thermal imaging camera, portable gas monitor, etc.) and clothing (turnouts, wildland gear, etc.) that could potentially contain or come in contact with toxins, are kept out of the cab and stored in compartments on the fire engine. In addition, the AC system in the cab contains a HEPA filter that scrubs the air in the cab and provides a complete air change every 4 minutes.

The new Pierce fire engines were also designed with a decreased turning radius and shorter overall length to help maneuver around tight street corners, increased tank water storage for a total of 600 gallons, and the ability to “pump and roll” (the fire engine can drive forward
while still providing water to hose lines, a handy feature for wildland fires). Another impressive feature on the new fire engines, HAAS Alert, aims to improve the safety of the public and firefighters. HASS Alert sends notifications to motorists’ mobile or vehicle navigation screens to show they are approaching an emergency vehicle which is responding to an incident or at the scene of an incident. These real-time notifications allow motorists more time to slow down, move over, and make safer decisions. Motorists using WAZE GPS will receive an alert 10 15 seconds prior to approaching the fire engine. The intention is to expand the HAAS Alert system to other navigation and mapping systems in the future.

Carmel Highlands FPD and Cypress FPD partner in cooperative agreements with CAL
FIRE for fire and medical services. Carmel Highlands staffs one engine in its District 24/7 with
three firefighters per engine, one of whom is a paramedic. Cypress FPD staffs two engines in its
district 24/7 with three firefighters per engine, one of whom is a paramedic on each engine.
Cypress FPD also staffs one paramedic squad in its district 24/7 with two firefighters, one of
whom is a paramedic.

Who: Cypress FPD/CAL FIRE, Carmel Highlands FPD/CAL FIRE
What: New “Clean-Cab” Fire Engines
When: March 4, 2022
Where: Cypress FPD and Carmel Highlands FPD (Monterey County)