Kristin Olsen Next Assembly Republican Leader

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Dear friends, constituents and supporters,
Today, I was unanimously elected by my colleagues to be the next Assembly Republican Leader.  During a time of transition, I will begin serving as Leader-Elect immediately, partnering with the current Republican Leader Connie Conway through the end of Session until I become Leader on a to-be-determined date this fall.
I am honored by my colleagues’ confidence in my ability to lead our caucus, and am focused on laying out a clear vision toward solution-focused policies that will revitalize our economy and attract good-paying jobs to California.
Moving forward, our Assembly Republican Caucus will work together to implement a thorough and lasting structure for success.  We will work to solve problems and convince others that the best way to improve our economy and compete with other states is by lowering taxes on individuals, families, and job creators, and passing substantive reforms to help foster a vibrant marketplace of good jobs, diverse industries, and great schools.  We will stand up for taxpayers and demand fiscal responsibility from state government while working to increase transparency and accountability throughout the legislative process.
Additionally, we will promote and defend core Republican principles by refining our message and communicating that message to constituents throughout the State in a way that makes them feel valued, empowered, and respected.  We will embrace the diversity of our state: men, women, and youth of all ethnicities, geographies, and socio-economic backgrounds.
My staff and I will continue to represent and defend the unique needs of the 12thAssembly District.
As always, please do not hesitate to contact my office with concerns about a bill, or if you need my help with a state or local agency.
Kristin Olsen
Assemblymember, 12th District