K9 Phebe Cracks Down On Cartel Cannabis Grows

Sacramento, CA…California State Board of Equalization Chairwoman Fiona Ma, CPA along with Assemblymember Jim Wood and Senator Mike McGuire presented legislative resolutions to Phebe, the amazing four-legged member and secret weapon of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife K9 unit and the Marijuana Enforcement Team, who puts her life on the line for Californians every time she catches a criminal while on duty.

With approximately 400 wildlife officers in the state patrolling 159,000 square miles of natural habitat, officers have a variety of responsibilities including catching poachers, responding to oil spills, providing public safety, educating the public, and eradicating illegal marijuana grows. Illegal marijuana cultivation sites destroy land, habitat, wildlife, and threaten the lives and safety of Californians.

With the passage of Proposition 64, demand for cannabis likely will grow and underground economic activity may grow with it. Every acre used by these illegal grows damage land and wildlife and undercut legally licensed growers that pay taxes and follow the rules.

“Phebe plays an integral role on the Marijuana Enforcement Team, having participated in more than 580 arrest missions where more than 18 tons of processed marijuana were seized and destroyed. Last year alone, she was almost stabbed at least five times. The dangerous work she performs keeps Californians, the wildlife, and the environment safe while saving the lives of her teammates. Phebe is one of my favorite state workers, and her pension of dog bones is well deserved!” said Chairwoman Fiona Ma, CPA.

“All of law enforcement work incredibly hard to protect public safety,­­­­ but K9 Phebe, the highly trained secret weapon of the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Marijuana Enforcement Team deserves our deepest gratitude for her public service,” said Assemblymember Jim Wood (D-Healdsburg). “With 100 poaching cases, 100 weapon finds, tracking 175 suspects, aiding in 900 arrests and her – ouch – 112 bite apprehensions, she has had a stellar career. Thank you Phebe, may you find your retirement peaceful and full of treats.”

In honor of Phebe, Front Street Animal Shelter offered free adoptions on site. Also present to help educate the public about the importance of service animals were Canine Companions for Independence and Capital City K9.

For more information about a warden’s role in eradicating illegal cannabis, watch the video What Wardens Do: Marijuana Eradication. Watch the news conference on Facebook Live.