Iowa The GOP Side Is Cruz, Trump & Rubio…For The Dems Hillary Clings To Slim Lead

Des Moines, IA…As the GOP results are in and Ted Cruz takes home the top spot in Iowa with 28%. Trump proves that he is not invincible and came in a soft 24%. Marco Rubio was the clear winner of the biggest mover prize and came in just behind Trump at 23%. Carson was a distant 4th at 9%. The field is starting to shrink as Governor Mike Huckabee announced he is suspending his campaign. On the Democratic Side Hillary is clinging to a slim one percent edge over Bernie Sanders. O’Malley as a non issue and announced he is suspending his campaign. Our initial takeaway is that Trump may have been punished a few percentage points for not playing team ball and attending the last debate.

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Not the battle moves to New Hampshire. New Hampshire has not always been kind to Iowa winners but this year seems to