Fuel Reduction Project Using An Air Curtain Incinerator, Carmel

Carmel, CA…Through a partnership with California State Parks, Cypress Fire Protection District, Carmel Highlands Fire Protection District and CAL FIRE, we will be conducting fuels reduction projects in the Point Lobos Ranch and Hatton Canyon areas, from March 20th – 30th, 2017. The purpose of these projects is to improve forest health and reduce hazardous fire fuels by removing flammable invasive plants, brush and fallen trees.

Hazardous fire fuels will initially be removed by fire crews and allowed to cure. With a fire engine standing by, the vegetation will then be burned in an air curtain incinerator. This process will provide for improved fuels management and safer wildfire mitigation efforts.

Air curtain incinerators are self-contained “fireboxes”, and their vegetation mitigation use is relatively simple. Firefighters will load the firebox with flammable vegetation, apply a liquid accelerant, cover the vegetation with larger diameter vegetation, and then close up the firebox so no unintended fire or embers can escape. The firebox then burns, with an internal fan providing additional oxygen to speed up the incineration process. The air curtain incinerator releases minimal smoke, which is barely visible once the equipment reaches its operating temperature.

Weather conditions will be closely monitored and the project will be postponed if conditions are found unfavorable. Cypress FPD, Carmel Highlands FPD and CAL FIRE are in close consultation with the National Weather Service’s Monterey office and the Monterey Bay Air Resources District to ensure any burning is not only appropriate for weather conditions, but meets local laws and requirements.

Who: Cypress FPD/CAL FIRE and Carmel Highlands FPD/CAL FIRE
What: Fuel Reduction Projects Using an Air Curtain Incinerator
When: March 20th– 30th, 2017
Where: Hatton Canyon and Point Lobos Ranch, Carmel (Monterey County)