First Lady Michelle Obama Welcomes The Official White House Christmas Tree To The White House

Washington, DC…This morning the First Lady Michelle Obama welcomed the Official White House Christmas to The White House for the very last time. This year’s Christmas Tree, which will be on display in the Blue Room, is a 19 foot Douglas Fir donated by a tree farm in Pennsylvania. The tree was presented to Mrs. Obama by Dave and Mary Vander Velden of Oconto, Wisconsin, the 2016 winners of the National Christmas Tree Association national tree contest.



MRS. OBAMA: What do you think?

CHILD: It’s great.

MRS. OBAMA: It’s great. Should we accept it?


MRS. OBAMA: I think we’re good.

These are our replacement kids. (Laughter.) This is what happens when you get teenagers. One is asleep — these two are up. (Laughter.) It’s what we got now.

Good job, guys. Christmas begins! The holidays start! We’re ready — our last one. We’re excited about it.

Congratulations to our award winners here. Thank you, guys.

All right, our work here is done.

CHILD: That was easy.

MRS. OBAMA: It’s easy. The easiest part of the holiday season.

All right, you guys. Happy holidays. Happy Thanksgiving. We’ll see you around.