Dr. Ben Carson Releases Policy Plan for Defeating the Islamic State and Eliminating the Threat from Radical Islamic Terrorism

Alexandria, Va. – January 27, 2016 – Dr. Ben Carson, retired neurosurgeon and 2016 Republican presidential candidate, today released his plan to defeat the Islamic State and the larger threat of radical Islamic terror. This is Dr. Carson’s third plan addressing national security issues announced this month. Combined with plans to overhaul government bureaucracy, the tax code, education and health care, these strategies represent Dr. Carson’s vision to empower ‘We the People’ to re-invigorate the nation.

A President’s most sacred obligation is to protect this great nation from every threat, both foreign and domestic. Today, I am proud to release my detailed plan on how we can protect the homeland and destroy Radical Islamic Terrorist groups like ISIS. Read my plan here: crsn.co/DefeatISIS

Posted by Dr. Ben Carson on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The past seven years have seen increasing incidences of terrorism around the world, from the emergence of the Islamic State to the revitalization of the Taliban. Attacks in San Bernardino and Paris highlight the Obama administration’s failure to implement a coherent response to radical Islamic terrorism around the globe. Dr. Carson’s plan will engage terrorist ideology and strategy head on, recognizing the nature of the enemy this country faces, targeting the threat at its source and protecting the American way of life.

First and foremost, the Carson plan identifies the nature of the threat: a radical ideology that seeks to violently impose Islam on others and supplant existing cultures and duly constituted governments around the world. Dr. Carson’s strategy recognizes the reality of global jihadist movements, and counters terrorism not only militarily, but also diplomatically, economically and politically. His plan will defeat the Islamic State, both in Iraq and Syria, as well as in northern Africa where it seeks to gain a new stronghold. Dr. Carson’s plan also calls for waging war against the radical Islamic terror movement as a whole, and outlines a unified national response to this grotesque and violent ideology.

“A President’s most sacred obligation is to protect this great nation from every threat, both foreign and domestic,” said Dr. Carson. “Today, radical Islamic terrorism threatens our very existence. Whether through direct violent attacks or ‘civilizational jihad,’ radical Muslim terrorists wish to destroy America, her allies and her principals. Seven years of failed leadership against this threat has left us more vulnerable than ever. As President, I will unify the national will to confront radical Islamic terrorism in all of its forms.”