Donald Trump’s July 11 FreedomFest Speech

Las Vegas, NV….Donald Trump took his bombastic, populist and at times off putting style to FreedomFest in Las Vegas yesterday. While his larger-than-life ego and personality couldn’t be farther from typical polished and rehearsed political speech, it is undeniable that his message is resonating with many people in the early stages of the race for the White House.

While we still may end up with another Clinton vs Bush race it is entertaining and illustrative to see Donald Trump on the right and Bernie Sanders on the left display unvarnished positions. They are both drawing crowds that the other candidates can only dream of.

They are the live hand grenades that both party structures have to play nice with. If they can maintain their followings both parties have to placate them enough that they don’t try third party or independent runs. Trump or Bernie in independent runs could probably siphon off enough votes to guarantee victory for the opposing party.

Their rise has reinforced what we hope to provide you with this election cycle. While most of the news outlets provide you with outtakes and “Gotcha” quotes we will be providing as many full length speeches from as many different candidates as we can.

Some of these we will be recording ourselves and others will be sourcing for third parties. We feel you deserve a place where you can watch and listen to them in context and make up your own mind on where you want to invest your vote.