CHP Tip-A-Cop Event April 5th

Santa Cruz, CA…The Santa Cruz CHP will be hosting a Tip-A-Cop event, on April 5th, from 5-8pm with all proceeds to benefit Special Olympics of Northern California. Over 3,000 law enforcement personnel from Federal, Military, State, County and Local agencies participate in the Torch Run campaign. Funds are raised through a variety of activities, such as; Billboard Sits, Tip-A-Cops, Polar Plunges, and T-Shirt Sales. In June, hundreds of law enforcement personnel carry the Special Olympics Torch, the Flame of Hope through counties all over Northern California, culminating at the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Games.

Northern California is one of the highest grossing programs in the Western Region. As one of the state’s largest grassroots fundraising efforts, the Law Enforcement Torch Run has become the single largest supporter of the annual Special Olympics Summer Games. I attached some pictures of last year’s event.

This year I am hoping to get media coverage from all outlets! Last year Santa Cruz CHP raised over $11,000.00 and was the top fundraising CHP office in Northern California. We are hoping to beat last year’s numbers, but need to get this publicized. Thank you for your time!