California Launches Reproductive Health Services Corps to Expand and Improve Abortion Access

Sacramento, CA…With extremist judges and out-of-touch politicians continuing their attacks on access to abortion care, California is once again leading the fight to protect and expand reproductive freedom. Today, California is launching the Reproductive Health Service Corps to increase and diversify the reproductive health care workforce to better serve all communities as well as the Pharmacists Comprehensive Abortion and Reproductive Health Empowerment (Pharmacists CARE) Initiative to support training pharmacists to provide reproductive care.

“In this volatile time after the overturning of Roe v Wade by extremist judges, California will continue to support women in  California and across the country,” said Governor Newsom. “We have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to expand access to services, support people in need of care, and protect people providing care. Regardless of what out-of-touch and radical politicians may do, California will continue its nation-leading fight for reproductive freedom.”

“Everyone deserves access to reproductive health services in addition to having their unique needs reflected in the care they receive,” said First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom. “These new programs affirm California’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding reproductive freedom and expanding access to comprehensive, culturally-competent reproductive health care, in addition to training and empowering a diverse generation of health care workers.”

WHY THIS INVESTMENT MATTERS: This $20 million investment will continue to expand the reproductive health care workforce across California, fill key gaps, help diversify the pool of providers, and empower pharmacists to provide comprehensive reproductive health care services.


These new investments and programs continue Governor Newsom’s nation-leading efforts to protect and advance Reproductive Freedom for Californians and people forced to come to California for care due to hostile laws in their home state.

  • PARTNERING WITH GOVERNORS ACROSS THE COUNTRY: In February, Governor Newsom launched the Reproductive Freedom Alliance, a non-partisan coalition of 22 Governors committed to protecting and expanding reproductive freedom in their states. This announcement builds on California’s historic leadership in the aftermath of the reversal of Roe v Wade – creating a space to share California’s successes: the largest reproductive rights legislative package to date, an over $200 million investment, and a state constitutional amendment protecting the right to reproductive freedom, including abortion and contraception.
  • BRINGING ACCOUNTABILITY: Leveraging the Reproductive Freedom Alliance, Governor Newsom sent a joint letter with 13 other Governors to pharmacies across the country asking them to clarify their plans to dispense Mifepristone as well as other actions they would take to safeguard reproductive health care. Following these actions, several independent pharmacies in California are now offering Mifepristone.
  • SAFEGUARDING ABORTION CARE: With legal action playing out in the court system at the hands of an extremist judge, the threat to the accessibility of Mifepristone, one of the key medications used in a medication abortion, became very real. Prior to an adverse decision being made, Governor Newsom announced the procurement of an emergency stockpile of Misoprostol, the other medication used in a medication abortion that can be used on its own. This stockpile provided health centers and patients across California with confidence they would not experience any disruption in services due to legal action or supply chain issues. And the newly implemented state Constitutional amendment serves as a crucial back stop.
  • PROTECTING HEALTH CARE WORKERS & HEALTH CENTERS: With ongoing threats to the safety of health centers and reproductive health care workers, Governor Newsom announced millions of dollars in grants to enhance physical and data security at 21 California facilities that provide abortion-related care and reproductive health services.
  • BUILDING ON CALIFORNIA’S LEADERSHIP: Governor Newsom continued California’s leadership in expanding reproductive freedom by signing nine bills at the end of the 2023 Legislative Session to strengthen protections for people from other states with abortion bans, increase protections for individuals’ electronic reproductive health records, bolster protections for providers delivering care in California that is banned in other states, and expand the reproductive health care workforce.


Learn more about California’s leadership as well as rights and resources available to people accessing abortion care, regardless of what state they live in, at Abortion.CA.Gov.