American Jeffrey Fowle Released From North Korea

Washington, DC….Department of State…We can confirm that Jeffrey Fowle has been allowed to depart the D.P.R.K. and is on his way home to re-join his family. We welcome the D.P.R.K.’s decision to release him. While this is a positive decision by the D.P.R.K., we remain focused on the continued detention of Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller and again call on the D.P.R.K. to immediately release them. The U.S. Government will continue to work actively on their cases.

We thank the Government of Sweden for the tireless efforts of the Embassy of Sweden in Pyongyang, which acts as our Protecting Power in the D.P.R.K.

As a condition of his release, the D.P.R.K. authorities asked the United States Government to transport Mr. Fowle out of the country. The Department of Defense was able to provide transportation for Mr. Fowle in the time frame specified by the D.P.R.K.

We will provide additional details about Mr. Fowle’s return home as we are able to do so.